5 Top Sports-Betting Trends to Watch, From AI to Online Casino

By leveraging decentralised technology, Togggle ensures user privacy, as the data is not stored on a centralised server. This approach allows for a more efficient and user-friendly experience, ultimately contributing to the growth of the gambling industry in 2023. Most countries have local laws that deal with relevant legal and regulatory issues. Countries such as the USA, have much more complex gambling regulatory processes. With each country enacting different gambling laws, it’s tough to be familiar with them all. Nevertheless, all gambling sites should be compliant with any laws that they are subject to, to ensure gambling sites are operated lawfully, ethically, and are safe.
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In addition, there is expected to be an uptick in esports, which allows livestreams of gamers competing for prizes that can earn top players millions of dollars. The global video game market is valued at more than $115 billion with the number of gamers worldwide expected to hit 2.73 billion by 2021. As that market continues to skyrocket, online gambling also is expecting robust growth because of online access through handheld devices and smart phones.
In 2023, we can expect more stringent regulations, particularly concerning responsible gambling, data protection, and the use of cryptocurrencies. Operators will need to adapt to these changes to ensure compliance and maintain a competitive edge in the market. “That to me is one of the real issues here — when the lines start to blur between games of skill and real-money wagering and you don’t have the same [know your customer] protections that we have,” Howe said.
The excitement of roulette, blackjack, and slot machines has smoothly shifted from real casinos to online platforms. As tech rapidly progresses, online gambling adapts, giving players a richer, immersive experience. “The inability to identify fraudsters sitting alongside legitimate players at a virtual poker table underscores the growing need for online casinos to deploy more effective solutions,” writes Eddie Glenn of Iovation. Real money gambling segment was leading the online gambling market based on gaming model in 2022. Rising demand for online gambling due to convenience and accessibility for players is the primary factor driving market revenue growth.
In addition, AI-powered chatbots can be used to provide customer service and support to online gambling platform users. It’s clear that the online gambling industry is evolving rapidly, and we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the years to come. The competition among the key players in the industry is intense in the U.K., Germany, and other European countries.
To prevent the spread of coronavirus, several countries across the globe have imposed restrictions and enforcing social distancing. Strict restrictions for people’s movement are expected to have a considerable impact on land-based casino activities. slot88 to lockdown, several gambling players are shifting from land-based to online-based betting and gambling, thereby expected to drive the market growth in the lockdown period. On the other hand, the cancellation of several sports events during the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe is impacting sports gambling and betting adversely which is expected to restraint the market growth to some extent. Based on the devices, the market is segmented into mobile, desktops, and others.
These games are played on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other digital platforms. Users witness gambling and betting activities in real-time through their internet-based devices or other electronic devices. People around the world are spending increasing amount of time and money on online gambling sites. This can be ascribed to the rise in disposable income and growth in confidence of the people in online sports betting. The online gambling & betting market is expected to witness a paradigm shift during the forecast period depending upon the regulatory environment.